Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trying to give away an oil filter

This is an email conversation starting with my post on freecycle.

Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter w/ Sure Grip
It was bought for a Chevy S-10 pickup (4-cyl, 2.2L) but will fit many
other models. Check http://www.fram. com to see whether it will fit
your engine.

is this gone???havent heard or seen anything? thank you

It's still available. Are you interested in it?

it IS for a chevy s-10 right? and where are u at?

It would work for a 1994 Chevy S-10, 4-cylinder, 2.2L engine. I can't guarantee any other years or models, you should go to and put in the year and other specifics of your truck to make sure this filter # will fit your vehicle.

If it does, let me know when you are able to pick it up and I'll send you my address.

ok i will let u know.......within about 30 mins

[in a separate message]

whats the # on it? part #?

Me, on phone with Andy after the last message:
Is this guy emailing me right now? Replying to a message with a subject and a body? Both of which state the part #? Right THERE and THERE?


HeadCheese said...

So... is it still available? Can you send pics?


Alli said...

Hey, want to trade it for a red paper clip??

ps I got a Hincapie jersery for my b-day =0)