Saturday, May 09, 2009


Everything in life changes with a different perspective. I know that and am never surprised by it but I always enjoy being reminded of it.

Last year I spent a couple of months wearing an ankle immobilizing walking boot. It allowed me to walk around but kept my ankle completely still. I had to take it off to drive (on, off, on, off, on, off, on...ugh) and it wasn't comfortable to stand in because there was no flat part of it since it had a rocker bottom for more comfortable walking. I couldn't play any sports and it was tiring to lug that thing around.

On Wednesday, I got my cast off. Now I'm in an ankle immobilizing walking boot with crutches. My ankle is to bear weight as tolerated. Last year's stints in the boot limited my activity. This time, the boot gives me more mobility. I'm wearing it instead of a cast that I couldn't take off, couldn't get wet, and had no flat parts on it for even balancing my foot well, let alone putting any pressure on it. I had to use crutches constantly. I couldn't drive. Now I can walk, use crutches or not, take the boot off to shower and take the boot off to drive.

The boot meant limitation last year and freedom this year, and there's exactly nothing different about the boot itself.