Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun With Short Hair

Every couple of years, I cut off my long hair to donate it. This surprises a lot of women with long hair as they can't imagine having short hair. Some even think short hair is boring and not versatile. I believe that a little creativity can go a long way and I've provided some examples below to help get your creative juices flowing.

Most days, my hair looks like this.

That style looks pretty good on me and it works well most of the time. But sometimes, I feel a need for change.

Without the weight of long hair, short hair can be given more volume rather easily. View Exhibit 1 - Voluminous Style.

The next example is for those days when you are oozing confidence and feeling a little playful. Exhibit 2 - Pigtail Style.

Don't we all have days when we're less than confident about that large blemish on our forehead? Bangs cover a multitude of sins! Check out Exhibit 3 - Bang Style.

I have moments - ok, days - when I feel like lashing out at the world! I display my feistiness with the look shown here. Exhibit 4 - Lion Mane Style.

When all else fails, you need to have a "go-to" style that makes you feel taller, thinner and more sassy, all at the same time. For those times, I present to you...


...Exhibit 5 - Bozo Style.