Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Interview - June 2008

Here is 2008's Father's Day Interview with Kevin Aguilera.

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What is Pápi’s name? Andy
Is Pápi tall or short? Short
What color are Pápi’s eyes? Brown
What color is Pápi’s hair? Black

How old is Pápi? 41

How much does Pápi weigh? I don’t know
Do you have a guess? 60 lbs

What does Pápi like to eat? Watermelon
What does Pápi like to drink? Coke
What is Pápi’s favorite color? Red
What’s his favorite thing to wear? Shirts. Clothes.
Any particular kind? Tank tops

What do you like to do with Pápi? Play imaginary games
What’s your favorite imaginary game? Spaceship
Any others that you love? Overboard. Power Rangers. Fighting like Super Man and Batman.
What is Pápi’ s favorite thing to do with you? Play with me.
What kind of playing? Fun, imaginary games.

Where do you like to go with Pápi? To the bird store
What do you like to help Pápi do at home? Work around the house

What does Pápi do that makes you laugh? Does silly faces

What does Pápi do at work? He builds stuff and he orders stuff

What is Pápi’s favorite song/music? “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!”

Is Pápi a good singer? Nnno
Is Pápi a good dancer? Yes

Do you have any good ideas for questions? “How smelly does Pápi smell?”
So how smelly does Pápi smell? VERY smelly.
What’s the smelliest part of Pápi? His armpits

Does Pápi love you? Yes
Do you love Pápi? Yes

Friday, June 13, 2008



I'm trying to figure out what it is inside me that's causing my overjoyment at making this tag for the plate of cookies I'm giving to Kevin's bus driver on this last day of school.

It is probably as simple as the fact that I haven't done any "crafting" in over a year. But there's something deeper that makes that matter in the first place. I shall figure out what that is - and then do something about it. This feeling of joy is nice.
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Small town

The other day, I was telling Andy a story about growing up and I found myself going on and on about all sorts of things that had nothing to do with the story but which I couldn't remove from the context of the story in my head, so it all had to come out together.

After voicing some of those things out loud, I realized that there are some fun aspects of my childhood.

  1. We had no shower. Just a tub, on feet.

  2. When I waited for the bus in the morning, in front of our house, Mr. Bailey would walk by on his way to work at the bank and he always waved and smiled. Some days he carried a folded up umbrella in his hand.

  3. When we were sick, we'd walk up the street to the doctor's office, which was in the basement of the doctor's home (which was next door to Mr. Bailey's house.)

  4. Ralph Klein's store down on the corner, now a chain of grocery stores run by his sons and probably their sons, was where we walked to for food and hardware plus some clothes and my Dad's Herman Survivors work shoes. They also had a basket of penny candy by the cash register and they handed out a free piece of bologna at the deli counter.

  5. One time when our well pump stopped working, we ran a garden hose from our neighbor's farm house into our 2nd floor bathroom so that we could wash up in the tub. Our houses were a few hundred yards apart.

  6. We only went to church a few times that I recall. When we did, we cut across the neighbor's lawn in our dress shoes to get there. The church was (and still is) right in front of the elementary school.

  7. We could tell when the neighbor's cows got out of their fence overnight by the cow flops in our yard in the morning.

  8. Mrs. Vaughn lived 2 houses up and worked at the Post Office, which was in the same building as Klein's, across the street from the bank.

  9. On Halloween, Mrs. Monk (who was extremely old and lived alone in a 2-story house) would put animal crackers and lollipops on a cookie sheet for us to pick from. My brother and sister and I were probably the only trick-or-treaters on our street.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Jam On It

Today was strawberry jam makin' day at our house. I only made 2 batches but, of course, it was the hottest day we've had lately and this is a hot process.

I picked 22 lbs of strawberries on Tuesday. We ate about 7 lbs of them fresh over the next couple of days. After jamming today, I now have one medium sized container of berries left in the fridge. Methinks I shall need to go a-pickin' again next week. Otherwise, we won't have any stored in the freezer for the winter. And "fresh" berries in the winter are just so yummy.

Wash, hull and mash the berries.

Cook the berries with a box of pectin.

Add sugar and bring to a full, rolling boil.

Process in canner et voilá!

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