Monday, October 23, 2006

Chat Transcript

me: Did you see the picture I posted on my blog? Warning: severe cuteness
Elesa: ...
oh brother!
you have sunk too low in this mommy thing
this is not the real dianne!
come back, dianne, come back!
me: I know - I couldn't believe how INSANELY CUTE he was when he put that costume on. I took a bunch of pictures of him at the zoo yesterday even though I have a million of him there already. I didn't take any of the animals, just him wearing his costume.
and I'm showing off his costume picture to people I work with!!!!
Save me, Elesa
Elesa: I think it's time for an intervention!
me: Tell Jeff you need to fly over here to help me
Elesa: That's true! I fear you're too far gone, though. I wish I could introduce you to old dianne. She would help me make fun of you.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Can you tell which one is the costume?

(Yes, I know the real one is very small and far away but elephants at the zoo don't respond to, "Here, Dolly... come here, Girl... come on, Anna, you too...")

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The only dogs barking in my house are my feet - and they're loud

God designed me as a beautiful creation but he got my feet a bit mixed up. They have a lot of problems from extra bones (which don't seem to cause problems but make for interesting facial expressions by doctors the first time they see an x-ray of my feet) to weak arches to nerves running right where the most pain is felt to shorter than average tendons which don't like to stretch and are therefore inflamed most of the time.

My point isn't to get you to feel pity for me (although if you do, feel free to send a note of sympathy.) My point is to say that I wear orthotics to treat some of my problems and they cost hundreds of dollars and health insurance doesn't cover them because they are not orthotic shoes and I can transfer them from shoe to shoe (excuse me for needing them in athletic shoes, cleats AND hiking shoes - darn my active interests.) Moreover, Flexible Spending Accounts don't cover them either. Keep in mind that Tylenol and Band-Aids are now eligible for FSA coverage so that we can buy them with pre-tax money, but orthotics, which cost hundreds of dollars plus copayments for doctor visits for casting and such....

*BEEP* I interrupt this rant to bring you (and myself, more importantly) the news that orthotics appear now to BE ELIGIBLE for payment through a Flexible Spending Account. Wahoo!

*BEEP (again)* This issue is not as clear as it should be. I can't find on the IRS website any specific mention of orthotics although some employee benefit administration providers say that they are eligible.

So, um, nevermind - maybe.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A proclivity for laziness starts early in some boys

Kevin: I want to wear my sleeper to bed without underwear.
Me: You may not wear your sleeper without underwear.
Kevin: But if I want to go to the bathroom, then I'll be all ready.

We now own 2 new fire extinguishers

After all the hype, this isn't all that exciting but it is still funny (since nobody was hurt.)

We really love our new woodstove insert in our fireplace. We're still learning how well it works.

Thursday night we had a fire and on Friday after work, Andy shoveled out some of the ashes into a bucket. He put some kitchen trash on top of the ashes and left the bucket for about an hour and then dumped the contents into the compost bin. He and Kevin walked up the backyard into the shed and then as Kevin was milling around he noticed a problem and yelled, "Papa! There's fire in the compost!" Andy walked out to see 3-ft high flames above the bin. He ran inside for a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. He walked away but turned around one last time to see flames coming out the vent holes on the side of the bin so he used the extinguisher again. Then he doused the whole thing with the garden hose. The hard plastic bin was melted and is deformed with holes in it.

That was all on Friday. On Saturday, Andy and Kevin went to the local firehouse's Open House where Kevin learned all about fire safety and fortunately didn't tell the firefighters about the fire the previous day.

I finished reading Life of Pi

My last post was so mysterious that I thought the comments you all would leave would fill up my gmail inbox (get it? gmail inbox? which is so large it's theoretically limitless? haha?) Anyway, no comments. Perhaps nobody wants to hear what happened.

Anyway... if you have read Life of Pi and would be willing to discuss it with me, please let me know. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet but I'd LOVE to talk to (or email) someone about it. Thanks.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Email from home

I was away this weekend, scrapbooking with friends. This morning, I borrowed Kirsten's laptop and read this email message:

Hi mama!

I hope you are having a good time. Papa is taking good care of me.
Papa says that he hopes you are having a good time also.
kevin313-808593179317. You guys have to get a new compost bin but
don't worry Papa has already bought a new fire extinguisher. I miss
you and papa says he misses you too. See you tomorrow.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Two-Year Anniversary

Dear Kevin,

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of you joining our family and of us joining yours. Usually when I note some sort of appropriately significant amount of time since we met you, I spend more time thinking about what it was like at the beginning. This year, I’m ready to tell you more about who you are now.

1. You are charming to those people that you allow to see some of the real you.
2. You dance like there may be no music left tomorrow.
3. You love to look at books and have them read to you. Lately you have a strong interest in learning to read.
4. You love role-playing, whether with toys or other people.
5. Your feet are more coordinated with a ball than your hands are.
6. You love swimming lessons.
7. You can turn off the TV and the video player by yourself.
8. You enjoy watching Leapfrog videos, Thomas the Tank Engine, Blue’s Clues, Kipper and Berenstain Bears.
9. Your favorite books are Berenstain Bears stories and you like to pick out stacks of dinosaur books from the non-fiction section of the library.
10. You are testing the waters of telling lies, particularly when we ask if you did something wrong.
11. You are learning to play independently and that is usually with little people or other toy figures.
12. You have a grand time playing energetic and rough-house type games with your cousin, Julia.
13. You don’t like most people touching you, especially younger kids.
14. Your favorite part of preschool is Show ‘n Tell on Fridays.
15. Your imagination is off the charts.
16. You take good care of Alyssa, watching out for her.
17. You use words like "actually" and "similar."
18. You’ve learned to ask Papa, "Are you joking?" instead of immediately crying when he tells you something you don’t want to hear.
19. You know that you like the taste of orange medicine but not always the red kind.
20. You like to help in the kitchen, particularly with measuring and mixing ingredients.
21. Your tastebuds have become more refined and pizza is still your favorite food.
22. You eat all of your vegetables when your teachers at preschool tell you to.
23. You would like to drink “Sprite soda” all day but you are happy enough with milk when I say no to soda (which is 99% of the time.)
24. You have figured out how to solve the cases of Freddi Fish and Putt Putt on your computer.
25. You have a tendency to tell us you can’t do something because you’re too lazy to try or because you tried once and it didn’t immediately work.
26. Your manners are impeccable for a 4-yr old.
27. You rarely have to go to timeout.
28. You delight in making us proud of you.
29. You work hard to make me laugh.
30. You are afraid of dogs, although you sometimes try taking steps to get past that.

Know that no matter what I’ve left off the list, you are an incredible person and I can now see past myself to want the best for you and to enjoy seeing you as my child.


Uncharted territories

This afternoon, Kevin watched TV while Andy and I took a nap. We're great parents, aren't we? After the video was over, Kevin asked me to read some books to him. When I leaned over to sit next to him on the couch, I noticed his brand new pants were ripped. Some thoughts ran through my head:

1. I wonder what happened?
2. This is the first time he's worn those pants!
3. Maybe he got pinched and is hurt?

I asked him how it happened and if his leg was ok. He looked up at me strangely - I couldn't read the look on his face. He didn't say he was hurt but he didn't really answer my question. Then I noticed that his shirt was ripped, also. His pants had a small, neat "V" cut in the thigh area and his shirt had a 4-inch long jagged tear.

I couldn't help but crack up laughing when I realized that he'd done this to himself with his scissors. He was pretty upset at my laughter but I couldn't hold it in. He was really afraid of getting into trouble so I told him that he wouldn't this time but that we had to go show Papa. He was vehemently opposed to that because he didn't want to get into trouble. This is also new territory for him - wanting to hide what he's done so we don't get mad at him.

We guess that the cut in his pants was an accident and then he thought, "Hmm... I wonder what happens if I try to cut my shirt?" This part was definitely not an accident.