Thursday, February 28, 2008

Science Fair

Kevin proudly displaying his project, "Two Filters Are Better Than One."

Here Kevin is explaining his project to a friend.


This is Kevin's friend explaining his project to Kevin.

Seeing that, and Kevin's interest in all of the other projects, made it worth my effort.
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We've had some ice


While our winter has been short on snow, we've had some ice storms. We missed the last one because we were experiencing snow northern New Jersey style. Let me tell you, those New Jerseyans sure know how to clear their roads efficiently. I'm not being sarcastic, like I would be if I said, "Those Marylanders sure know how to clear their roads efficiently." Not that I complain about MD road crews because I think they do ok, but now that I've seen New Jersey, I'm impressed. MD doesn't get enough snow to warrant spending the money it costs to do such a good job BUT... other states (*cough* Pennsylvania *cough*) do. Anyway....

This picture is from the ice event two weeks ago.
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Let It Snow, Kevin


We went to northern New Jersey late last week for my uncle's funeral services and we stayed an extra day because of the weather. When I was at the front desk asking to have our room another night, the staff let Kevin put his name on the sign board at the front entrance. It was still there when we left the next day.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Science Fair Project results


Andy and I had as much fun with Kevin's science experiment as he did - perhaps more. We planned to just test what happens when dirty water is poured through sand. Then Andy and I kept deciding to try new and better filters! It'll turn out to be a good project, I think.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Nightly ritual

Kevin has a battery-powered spinning toothbrush that makes funny sounds when he holds it in his mouth and closes and opens his lips around it. The first time he did it, it reminded me of Peter Frampton using a talk box in the song Do You Feel Like We Do so I said, "Ok, Peter Frampton, now brush your teeth." No matter that Kevin had no idea who or what I was referring to, I now must say, "Ok, Peter Frampton" every night when he brushes his teeth or else he'll continue making the sound indefinitely.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No better compliments from a 5-yr old

1) "Mami, you're the bestest infinity mom I ever had."

2) "I love you to the moon, all around the planets and back, 100 infinity times."

3) "I love you as much as I can say."