Thursday, September 09, 2004

I have the coolest husband

I know, you're all thinking, "No, *I* have the coolest husband" (or maybe, "I *am* the coolest husband"). But I have the coolest husband for me. And I'm sure you have (are) the coolest husband for you (your wife.)

I tease Andy for being creative and artistic and thoughtful, but only because we know that we're very different in those aspects. There are times, like last night, that I really appreciate his creative ways.

He developed a "contemplative evening" for our bible study group. Instead of sharing how our weeks went and then discussing something that we all read, we spent time in contemplation. Andy set up 7 stations around our house with guidelines of things to think about. Most, if not all, of us enjoyed the time in various ways. For some it was nice to be alone and quiet, for others it was nice to hear from God, and for others it was a chance to deeply reflect on the state of their life.

I think it was obvious to all that Andy worked hard to set up space and time to maximize the possibility of an encounter with God. And I think it was obvious that God was in that space and time.

Thanks, Andy. Thanks, God.

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