Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lessons Learned

I'm canning applesauce to sell at a "craft fair" at our church in a few weeks and I wanted to decorate the jars with a piece of fabric over the lid tied with a ribbon. I needed something apple-related in a small print because each piece would be small. We checked out the local quilting store assuming they'd have the perfect design. True enough, they did (in multiple colors, even!) It wasn't until the saleslady was cutting my second yard of fabric that I realized I didn't know how much it cost. I checked the end of the bolt she was using and my eyes widened. Next time, I'll try Wal-Mart first and the quilting store as a last resort.

Ask Kevin what he learned today at the hardware store and he'll tell you that he shouldn't put his finger into a small hole because it may not come back out easily.

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