Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I was right

I was right. I love my computer.

I installed a second hard drive and additional memory last night. I went from a single 40GB drive to a 40GB drive plus a 160GB drive and from 512MB of RAM to 2.5GB of RAM.

Yes, I've gone off the deep end. But it sure is fast in here.

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Jeff said...

Hey, once your get rid of the junk running in the background (contrl/alt/delete-processes) and the stuff in the system tray down on the lower right corner, you'll REALLY be amazed. My 5 yr old computer with only a 1.8 Ghz CPU and 768 Mbytes of RAM boots up and is on the internet in about 45 secs. It runs CS2 Photoshop fine....mostly because unlike my desk or anything else, I keep it clean and tidy, have fun -jeff