Thursday, February 28, 2008

We've had some ice


While our winter has been short on snow, we've had some ice storms. We missed the last one because we were experiencing snow northern New Jersey style. Let me tell you, those New Jerseyans sure know how to clear their roads efficiently. I'm not being sarcastic, like I would be if I said, "Those Marylanders sure know how to clear their roads efficiently." Not that I complain about MD road crews because I think they do ok, but now that I've seen New Jersey, I'm impressed. MD doesn't get enough snow to warrant spending the money it costs to do such a good job BUT... other states (*cough* Pennsylvania *cough*) do. Anyway....

This picture is from the ice event two weeks ago.
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S said...

Yeah, I never appreciated MD SHA until I started driving in PA. Have you ever tried to follow one of the colored "belts" around Pittsburgh? -Sally