Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Interview - June 2008

Here is 2008's Father's Day Interview with Kevin Aguilera.

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What is Pápi’s name? Andy
Is Pápi tall or short? Short
What color are Pápi’s eyes? Brown
What color is Pápi’s hair? Black

How old is Pápi? 41

How much does Pápi weigh? I don’t know
Do you have a guess? 60 lbs

What does Pápi like to eat? Watermelon
What does Pápi like to drink? Coke
What is Pápi’s favorite color? Red
What’s his favorite thing to wear? Shirts. Clothes.
Any particular kind? Tank tops

What do you like to do with Pápi? Play imaginary games
What’s your favorite imaginary game? Spaceship
Any others that you love? Overboard. Power Rangers. Fighting like Super Man and Batman.
What is Pápi’ s favorite thing to do with you? Play with me.
What kind of playing? Fun, imaginary games.

Where do you like to go with Pápi? To the bird store
What do you like to help Pápi do at home? Work around the house

What does Pápi do that makes you laugh? Does silly faces

What does Pápi do at work? He builds stuff and he orders stuff

What is Pápi’s favorite song/music? “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey!”

Is Pápi a good singer? Nnno
Is Pápi a good dancer? Yes

Do you have any good ideas for questions? “How smelly does Pápi smell?”
So how smelly does Pápi smell? VERY smelly.
What’s the smelliest part of Pápi? His armpits

Does Pápi love you? Yes
Do you love Pápi? Yes

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