Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lance Armstrong to be in 2009 Tour de France!

This summer's Tour de France passed by without any comment by me, at least not on this blog. That doesn't mean I didn't pay attention to it. That doesn't mean I didn't get wound up and excited about it. It just means I didn't write anything about it on my blog.

However, I have to comment on next year's Tour even though it is 10+ months away. Why? Because LANCE ARMSTRONG IS GOING TO RACE AGAIN!

Here is a VeloNews article about his return to professional racing.


Alli said...

Hey you! Don't forget about George!!!!!

TeamDandy said...

I won't forget about George - but he really doesn't have a chance to win the whole thing, do you think? He's a classics winner, an incredible domestique and puller, sometimes a tour stage winner, but not someone who will win the whole kit 'n kaboodle. Doesn't mean I don't still like him, though :-)

What I want to know is... what's up with Basso? Will he be back? When? I should look him up.

Alli said...

I was wondering more about Contador being on the same team as lance....hmmmm spicy! George doesn't ever win, that's the point :o)