Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 2 of surgery recovery

Yesterday morning I had my "trigonum excision" surgery. It was not bad all around. The pre-op stuff was efficient but handled with care and kindness. I was in the operating room at the time I was slated to be there and the surgery took less time than expected. The surgeon told Andy that the bone practically popped right out of my ankle, which was surprising because there's usually more stuff to cut it away from.

While I did have to get fanned by the nurse when she stuck my IV needle in, I didn't faint. I tolerated the anesthesia itself in my usual way - meaning that I had to say "thank you!" with a big smile to every doctor, nurse or assistant who so much as looked at me. I woke up twice during the surgery - I didn't feel anything because they put a pain block in my leg - and I remember saying in my best drunk-voice, "You guys are doing a great job! Thanks!" I'm such a nerd.

We got home yesterday at 12:30 pm and I got settled on the couch with my leg up and then we had some lunch. We both napped after that and when Kevin came home from school, he visited with our neighbors for a couple of hours.

Last night I slept in bed (I thought I might stay on the couch) with my leg on a pillow and I was able to sleep on my sides as well as my back. I felt quite comfortable! Andy had to use earplugs as I snore when I sleep on my back, but he was ok with that.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. That's always a kicker, though, because when you feel good, you do more. When you do more, you feel worse. Feeling better leads to feeling worse! But I knew that would happen so I tried to remain laying down with my foot up as much as I could. A nurse from the hospital called me to see how I'm doing with the pain, the medication, eating and drinking, etc. She also warned me about the "feel good -> do too much - feel worse" cycle which is always good to reminded of.

I ate lunch outside with my foot up on a stool but it turns out that if I'm sitting up, my leg isn't high enough to thwart the pain. I'm best laying flat with my leg higher than the rest of me and I will do my best to stay that way for another day, or until it doesn't hurt so much more to be out of that position. I guess I should get off the computer and go do that now.

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