Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekly Roundup

Our hot water heater was supposed to be delivered to our local Sears store on Friday, June 2nd. It arrived yesterday. It will be installed on Friday morning, hopefully. We decided not to do it ourselves.

We went to the MOS Annual Conference this weekend at Rocky Gap State Park near Cumberland, MD. It was gorgeous out there with beautiful weather. Kevin was a champ on all of our field trips and the amount of compliments that we got about his behavior has made me consider a lot about him and our family with new perspectives. More on this maybe later.

I started a new work schedule this week - in the office Monday and Thursday plus a half day at home on Wednesday mornings. Kevin is in school all of that time, instead of being with a sitter for just the 2 days. This makes sure I can "easily" get my extra work hours in each week but it is a definite change and it will take some getting used to.

I picked 25 pounds of strawberries today. I plan to eat lots of them plain, freeze some in sugar syrup, make ice cream and make some jam. I've not canned jam before myself so that should be fun. I think that another friend will join me to learn as well. She's never canned anything before and at least I've done that part with other fruits and I've made freezer jam.

The House Finches in our front bushes should be hatching any day now. I keep expecting to hear the little buggers begging for food everytime I go outside. I guess they haven't hatched yet, but the parents are definitely still around (last year their nest was predated by a neighbhorhood cat and they didn't re-nest here.) Gray Catbirds nested in our front bushes, too, but were dumped on by a Brown-headed Cowbird so they packed up and moved to the bush closest to our front door (and right next to the House Finches' bush) and they have 4 eggs incubating. The catbird parents are highly visible and fun to watch.

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