Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The end is near - I can really feel it this time

This REALLY might be it for the truck. I know I've said it before, but this is different. Up 'til now, everything wrong was either a convenience issue or an easily fixed issue. This time, a headlight is out. The problem is that when I replaced it with a new headlight, wackiness ensued.

The new light didn't come on at first. Then it came on dimly. Then it worked but the other headlight went out. Then they both worked in low mode but one was dim. The new one never worked in high beam mode but then it started to and the other one went out. This went on for awhile last night and Andy cleaned up the connections and we got them both to work in low beam mode but neither to work in high beam mode. That's not a problem, just a convenience factor. Andy never uses high beams, I almost never do because there are always too many cars around where I usually drive.

Andy called from work to say that both low beams worked but only dimly today. And, the high-beam indicator on the dash always stays on. The indicator light is no big deal. Again, a convenience factor. But driving with dim headlights? Definitely a huge safety issue.

I have other wiring problems in the truck but they aren't safety hazards on the level that this is. And we know how expensive it can be to pay someone to track down a wiring problem - and then, who knows how long the fix will last because the whole system is probably corroded to the point of being dust held together by some road grime.

Andy left work early and just got home so that he'd be able to drive in as much daylight as possible. He told me he stopped at the surplus store and bought a couple of grenades.

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