Saturday, December 02, 2006

I became "one of them" last night

I was out shopping by myself last night and at Staples, I found something I needed to ask my mom about (because we sometimes help each other out with picking up gifts the other can't find near them.) So I realized I had my cell phone with me and I stood there, inside the fairly quiet store and called my mom. As we were talking, we decided against me getting what I was looking at but we kept talking so I walked out the store and down the sidewalk WHILE STILL ON THE PHONE. I knew I was breaking one of Dianne's Cardinal Rules of Etiquette but it was so... thrilling. And convenient.

Even though I did stop outside of Target to finish my conversation before going inside, I still would have given myself a sneering look had I been watching from outside myself.


elesa said...

Aren't they handy?!? Hope you don't have to up that plan.

donna said...

oh, cool...can i get your cell number?