Monday, February 19, 2007

Movie Reviews

I've seen these three movies in the past three days - that might be a record for me. Nobody pays me for, or even asks for, my opinion of movies. Here they are anyway.

1) Music & Lyrics (theater, Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore)- We planned to see Breach but it was sold out, even 2 showtimes in advance, so we got tickets for the later showing of Music & Lyrics and went to a restaurant. At 4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon, we were told there was a 50-60 minute wait for a table. ?@#$!@#$?! We didn't necessarily mind as we planned to walk around shopping a little anyway, but the idea of there not being an available time to beat the crowd ticked me off. We arrived at the theater 30 minutes before the show and had to sit in the 5th row, below the main walkway. I got a headache from straining my head up to see the whole screen and from being hot in there. The movie itself was ok. I don't think I'd recommend it, but some people have said they liked it. Hugh Grant's character's one-liners were the best part of the movie.

2) The Pacifier (DVD, Vin Diesel) - I found this pretty funny. Although I didn't like Music & Lyrics because it was too contrived, too predictable, cliche and I didn't think the characters should've been together romantically, I liked The Pacifier even though it was contrived, predictable, cliche and the romance part should've been left out. I would recommend this movie.

3) Flightplan (DVD, Jodie Foster) - Great movie. Good plot with twists and turns, good acting, suspenseful... I definitely recommend it.

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elesa said...

It would be interesting to see how you would have reviewed Music & Lyrics if...

you had gone to the theater to see it
you had been able to go to the first showing
you had not had to wait for a table for dinner
you had been able to get the seats that you would have preferred

I'm thinking the movie never stood a chance!