Thursday, March 08, 2007

First Date?

Andy: Who invited you to their house?
Kevin: Reem
Andy: What did she invite you over for?
Kevin: To watch a Princess movie
Andy: Who was hugging you when I came to pick you up today?
Kevin: Reem
Andy: Were you hugging her back?
Kevin: Yes
Dianne: Who was knocking on the front window when we got there this morning to wave to you?
Kevin: Reem
Dianne: Who was waving at you from the door of the room when we walked in?
Kevin: Reem
Andy: Reem was also waving from the door as we walked down the hall to leave, looking doe-eyed.
Dianne: (looking in Kevin's lunchbag) Oh, good, Grave Digger came home today
Andy: Who wanted to play with that this afternoon?
Kevin: Reem

Fortunately nobody has introduced the term "girlfriend" into Kevin's vocabulary yet and the boys often want to hug him goodbye also.

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