Tuesday, April 03, 2007

His first word

In the car the other day, Kevin wanted to read his kids Bible. Usually that means just looking at the pictures but he said, "Look, Mama - I can read!" Then he focused his eyes on the first word of the page and started sounding it out.

"Buh - uh - t."

"Buh - uh - t."

"Buh - uht."

Then his eyes got wide, he clasped his hand over his mouth and he started giggling.

"MAMA! Do you know what this says??"

I started laughing because his reaction was funny but also because he had proven that he was really reading the word on his own. I tried to explain that he was reading the word "but" and not "butt" but he just couldn't stop laughing.

Andy chimed in, "That's the Bible for you."

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