Tuesday, July 17, 2007

They say it's my birthday

Today is my birthday and the celebration started on Sunday with a surprise "party" set up for me when I got home from church. Amy decorated our dining room table with party plates and napkins, confetti, balloons, flowers, candles, presents and a cake while we were out.

Yesterday I spent the day with two other dear friends, Beth and Elesa, swimming in the pool and just hanging out doing not much of anything. Dinner was terrific and there was home made ice cream and cake afterward - yum!

When I got in the car to come home, I found a new CD (Rascal Flatts) with a bow on it that Andy had put in the car for me to listen to on the way home. This morning I found a card in the refrigerator which Kevin made.

I don't often feel sappy or get teary-eyed about things that Kevin does but this came close to doing it:


Can you see what he wrote at the bottom? "You are the prettiest and greatest Mama." Of course he should think that, as all kids do, but I don't take that for granted. Plus, when I try to make him write things, he stops at his name and asks me to write the rest. Writing that whole statement himself was an effort the likes of which he rarely makes.

Kevin couldn't wait for Andy to come home to give me presents so he had me call Andy so he could talk to him on the phone. Andy walked Kevin through the process of finding the hidden presents in the car and under Kevin's bed so Kevin traipsed outside in his pajamas and rain boots (it's beautifully sunny here today) with the phone to his ear and climbed through the car to find the pack of socks hidden in there for me. After the presents were found, Kevin asked Andy if he could tell me what we're doing this afternoon and Andy obliged. Kevin told me that we're going out to dinner and to play "MINIATURE GOLF!!" Andy says that was Kevin's idea.

It's been a wonderful few days of birthday celebration and it's more than I expected. I'm very fortunate to have friends and family who care for me.
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Allison Buckley said...

Happy Birthday Pepa!
Remember, your still a kid, an older more mature kid...but still a kid. GO RIDE YOUR BIKE TODAY! Have fun camping, sounds great! You know, at least those tour dudes have to get tested, look at all the other sports that don't ask or tell. Poor George, he really got dropped this year! I feel pretty bad for Gerdeman, he had a great stage wine just to have it trashed by german tv's pulling off race coverage, poor kid, he looked like he was 14 didn't he? Someday we ought to organize a girls bike trip to ride in France to do some mountain routes, whatya say there pepa??? Good to hear from you!

HeadCheese said...

Happy Birthday CP/Pepa!

Nice touches from Andy and Kevin, too. I think I may borrow a few notes from their books for Mrs. HC's birthday in a few weeks. (I'm taking the day off to be with her)

Great to see Alli's name pop up, too. Man, I miss the old gang at Specialized Chat sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Yep, I wonder what happened to everyone too. It was fun while it lasted. I guess things just keep on moving, nothing lasts forever I guess. I plan on riding untill I can't turn the pedals but they are going slower these days!
Take care!

Dianne said...

Hey, at least 3 of us together again! ;-) I often think about everyone, too - wonder what's going on as I'm sure that everyones' lives are very different now. Married, kids, kids grown, etc.

Thanks for commenting! It's good to hear from you.