Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Tour de France!

Yes, that's an exclamation point up there, because I LOVE THE TOUR. At the beginning of this year's Tour, I was a bit down about all of the doping BS (pardon my French - haha, get it? French?) throughout the past year. I survived 2 weeks of the 3-week Tour without watching a single "live update newsflash." Then things got really exciting and I couldn't help myself - I turned back into my usual Tour maniac-self. Well, let's say 80% of my usual Tour maniac-self. Here's a summary of this year's Tour:

  1. A few people got kicked out of the race for doping

  2. A few people got fired from their teams for doping

  3. The race leader in the first set of mountains was kicked out of the race and off of his team for lying about his whereabouts during missed drug tests in the off-season

  4. One guy got booted for doping on the same day that he participated in a "sit-in" against doping

  5. The Discovery Channel team ROCKED THE PELOTON winning 1st and 3rd places overall - Go Disco!

  6. Levi Leipheimer (who came in 3rd place) STOMPED the last individual time trial

  7. The overall winner, Alberto Contador, from the Discovery Channel team, is only 24 years old

  8. Discovery Channel might perhaps be wishing they hadn't already announced pulling out of their sponsorship of the team after this season

There you have it, the 2007 Tour de France in a nutshell.

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