Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Movie: I Am Legend - tense! Will Smith! Grade = A
Event: officemate moving out - less talk! no quick venting! Grade = D
Movie: Spiderman 2 - romance! lame! Grade = C
Event: "Symphony of Lights" in Columbia - lights! colors! great for the kids! Grade = B+
Food: Mint Chocolate M&M's - mint! chocolate! candy coating! Grade = A+
Movie: Live Free or Die Hard - fun stunts! wacky computer stuff! Grade = A+
Book: An Inconvenient Book by Glenn Beck - things I agree with! things I disagree with but which should be voiced! humor! Grade = B
Event: "traffic in shopping centers in December" - too much! too slow! Grade = D
Music: Daughtry by Daughtry - gruff voice! rockin' riffs! Grade = A+
Event: new officemate moving in - more talk! quick venting! immediate help with PostgreSQL! Grade = A
Movie: Ocean's Thirteen - not as good as first two in series! Grade = C+
People: who think they deserve better than everyone else - stink! Grade = F(-)


Elesa said...

People who think that chain emails that have been thoroughly and systematically debunked at are 99% TRUE - F-

TeamDandy said...

Spot on, Elesa! That guy is not dumb for what he thinks but because he doesn't think.

HeadCheese said...

Sheepishly standing in line for hours in the pre-dawn frost for a Wii = D

Store running out of said devices 5 people ahead of you in line = F--

Putting the cash you had in hand to buy said device in the first Salvation Army kettle you pass by way of apology for engaging in such a crass exercise of Christmas commercialism ... Price.... er, that's right ... it COST me. Just the same, I felt better afterwards.