Saturday, February 19, 2005

I need a 3-day weekend to recover

So I played volleyball last night from 7:30 pm - 12:30 am. Yup, 5 hours. There were some breaks in the action while we waited to play between games, but that may have actually made it harder now that I'm getting older (stiffness sets in pretty quick these days.) After about 5 hours of sleep (which is not nearly enough for me even on a good day) I got out of bed when Kevin did and my body was still tired.

Kevin and I headed to the Baltimore Zoo this morning and left Andy to enjoy some peace and quiet at home. Kevin seemed nonchalant about seeing the polar bears, snowy owl, ravens, and arctic foxes in person, but then once he got out of his stroller and learned he could find is own best vantage point and make me move faster by running ahead of me, he was pretty excited to see some more animals (which included a cheetah, a penguin, giraffees, chimps, lemurs, various birds, etc.) The walking around didn't hurt my feet as bad as I thought it would but perhaps I was just fooling myself so that I wouldn't be miserable.

This afternoon Andy played with Kevin so I laid on the couch for a little bit and dozed off. When I woke up, things really started to hurt. The soreness is setting in and every muscle fiber is resisting movement.

Tomorrow I have to play volleyball for my league. It's gonna be ugly. I'll be in the prime of soreness at game time even though I've been popping Advil since I got home last night.

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