Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Of course our son is smart

People have been telling us over the past 4 months that Kevin is smart. Of course we know this. Last night he displayed his intelligence in a grand manner.

He wanted to get something off his bookcase and it was a couple of inches out of his reach. He bounced around pretending to try to reach it and then asked for help. Andy and I were both sitting in the room and Andy suggested to Kevin that he get the (small, plastic, lightweight) step stool so he could reach.

Kevin followed the direction very well - he picked up the stool, carried it over to the book case, and swung it over his head trying to knock the object off the top of the book case with it.

This continued for about 30 seconds until Andy and I composed ourselves enough to be able to say, "Perhaps you should stand on the stool."

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