Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Site tracking

I have a free sitemeter account for tracking visitor statistics on this blog. One of the most interesting features (there would be others if I were to pay for them) is the list of visitors "by referral." Most of the time there is no information given but when someone reaches my blog by way of a search at Google or Yahoo (for example), then I can see what search terms they used to find me.

Apparently a lot of people outside of the US (mostly from Germany) find my blog through Google's image search feature. I don't know what about the names of my image files is so search-worthy but it's interesting to see how we all come together. The file that seems to get the most hits? One of Beth and myself when we donated our hair to Locks of Love 2 years ago. The intriguing name of the file? Before-Both.jpg. If that puts you on the edge of your seat, just wait until I post the one titled Before-AllThree.jpg.

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