Sunday, February 19, 2006

Movie and Dinner Review

My parents came over yesterday and Andy and I went out to a movie and dinner. Watched Steve Martin in "The Pink Panther." It was well-done and true to the originals but not our brand of humor for the most part. I laughed out loud about 4 times. The middle-school kids behind us cracked up the entire time. Will be highly enjoyed by my dad.

Dinner at Don Pablo's was as excellent as ever despite my not having any tortillas with my meal. You see, Don Pablo's has the best flour tortillas I have ever tasted in my life and usually they are the real reason I go there. Last night I branched out, though, and took advantage of their "4-courses for $11.99" deal and I had flautas (chicken taquitos), grilled chicken with rice and beans and fried ice cream. The flautas were delicious, the chicken was delicious, the beans were not up to Don Pablo's usual standards and the rice was fine. I'd never had fried ice cream before so I was glad to try it but it wasn't my thing. "Where's the other course?" you ask. First of all, good counting. The first course was a choice of special salsas for the tortilla chips and I don't eat salsa so I told the server he could just keep his special salsa. In all, the chance to try some new things and not pay more than what I pay for my usual meal (chicken fajitas) was worth it.

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