Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beets are cool

I don't eat a lot of vegetables but beets are one of my favorites. There isn't much that tops pulling beets out of the garden, cooking them and eating them fresh with a dab of butter. Yummm! So this time of year, people visiting our home for a meal are likely to be offered beets. Now I know that beets aren't high on many peoples' lists of yummy foods, but I love them so I serve them.

Jeff and Elesa came over for dinner tonight and I offered beets. Elesa ate one (I'm very proud of her because she's done that before even though she knows she doesn't like them) and Jeff ate a piece smaller than a square centimeter but it was more than he intended to eat. I tried to get them to find beets intellectually stimulating if not delicious.

Dianne: Do you know what is cool about beets?

Others: No, what?

Dianne: The red pigment in them is water-soluble and most people can't digest it so when you go to the bathroom, it comes out red.

Andy: Ugh, our son is so going to get beat up when he gets older.

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