Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In-car entertainment for the young-un

We're driving to New Hampshire this weekend. The trip could take anywhere from 10-12 hours. Lots of people have told us to borrow/get a DVD player for Kevin to watch on the trip. Our first reaction was, "No thanks, he'll have to learn like kids did in our day to entertain himself with books and toys in between times that we entertain him.

After thinking it over for a day or two, I thought that maybe watching a video for no more than 2 hours of the trip wouldn't be so bad for him. That's still a lot of hours that he'd have to entertain himself with books and toys.

I told Andy that if a DVD player landed in my lap, I would - and at this point I could tell Andy was still reluctant so I said - "consider it." I left it for him to think about and if indeed a DVD player landed in my lap, we'd talk about it then.

Andy arrived home from work yesterday with... a DVD player in his lap! I asked him if it just fell there and he said that yeah, it kinda did. One of his coworkers brought in a DVD with pictures of his recent trip to Alaska and a portable DVD player to show the pictures on. Andy said, "Hey, that's kinda nice. Do you need it for the next week or so?" Note that this is the same coworker whose digital camera I dropped on the tile floor and broke when we borrowed it a few months ago. He was willing to let us borrow the DVD player but he did comment, "Oh, sure, now you're going to let your son break my stuff."

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