Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm so glad we laugh about most things

This morning we got up late for church on the day we were scheduled to subsitute for the kids' classes. Bummer.

We were asked for one of us to report to the 2nd & 3rd grade class. Bummer.

After a few minutes, the teacher determined that there were enough teachers for the few kids and she let me go into the service. Woohoo!

This afternoon, Andy set up the van to change the oil. Woohoo!

Andy found some really light oil on the grille slats and a hole in the AC compressor in front of the radiator. Bummer.

I decided to take Kevin out for the afternoon to do some birthday and Christmas shopping for Andy so that Andy could have some time alone. Woohoo!

Andy pointed out the screw stuck in the front tire of the truck. Bummer.

I decided to put on the spare and let Andy plug the busted tire when he was done changing the van's oil. Woohoo!

The spare tire only had 20 lbs of pressure in it. Bummer.

We remembered that our neighbor has an air compressor. Woohoo!

Andy removed the screw and plugged the tire while it was still on and filled both tires with the compressor. Woohoo!

I unplugged the compressor from the outlet in the truck and the cover wouldn't close. I fiddled with the door (which also covers the other outlet) for 5 minutes trying to convince myself that I could fix it but had Andy confirm that it wasn't possible. Bummer.

Andy discovered that we didn't have enough oil for the van. Bummer.

I went to the auto parts store first and got some oil for the van. Woohoo!

I asked for those rubber replacement covers for the outlets in the truck. They don't have them and suggested I try Radio Shack. Bummer.

I tried Radio Shack and they suggested I try Home Depot. What?? The outlets are still exposed on the dash. Bummer.

I returned home and started making dinner by putting water in a pot. Water shot out of the wrong end of the faucet. Bummer.

I put Andy to work on the faucet and went out to put the rest of the oil in the van. I cleaned up and Andy turned on the van to take it off the ramps. The fan on "high" made a crazy noise. We turned it up and down trying to diagnose the problem and had no clue what was going on. Bummer.

After a minute, the noise stopped. Woohoo!

I realized that Andy will be driving the van tomorrow since I'll take the truck to work. Woohoo!

We realized that we can't take the van in for service of either the possible AC problem or the new tires it desperately needs because we can't all fit in the truck to get back home. Bummer.

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