Monday, November 13, 2006


We got our phones on Thursday and when Andy was playing around with his on Friday, he unknowingly downloaded a ringtone - "The Ride of the Valkyries." Fortunately, I found out what he did before he downloaded a bunch more because he didn't realize he had to pay for it. Now he has to keep it as his ringtone because he doesn't want to waste the $2.50. I think it fits.

Tour de France
In a controversial but well-calculated move by both parties, the U.S.'s Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team signed superstar Ivan Basso for the next two years. He was the leader of Team CSC last year and he won the Giro d'Italia (a stage race like the Tour de France but in Italy) and then was sidelined days before the Tour de France because of allegations that he was involved in Operacion Puerto, the Spanish doping scandal. He was one of the favorites to win the Tour last year but never had the chance to try. Again this year, he will attempt the rare Giro d'Italia/Tour de France double-win. He's got the goods and I will be cheering him on as I was hoping to do last year.

Kevin and I watched "Cars" last night at a friend's house. It wasn't as good as I'd expected and hoped. I thought it was pretty slow and most of it I wouldn't expect a young child to understand. It was rated "G" and either I'm a prude, or that wasn't valid. My guess is that I'm a prude but, whatever. I already ordered the DVD for Kevin for Christmas but I wonder whether I would have had I waited until I'd watched it.

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