Monday, November 06, 2006

One small step for most people, one giant leap for us

So what made us finally get cell phones? It wasn't just that we couldn't tell my parents on our way to Cape May that we'd be there late because of traffic, it wasn't just because I made a Dr. appointment over the phone with a doctor who changed practices and offices and I didn't find out until I showed up to my appointment at an empty office, it wasn't just because I needed to contact a volleyball teammate at the emergency room after a dislocated shoulder injury or that I've searched all over Laurel and part of Elkridge in the past couple of weeks for a working pay phone....

No, it was because I found out that my parents, my brother and my sister all have "pay as you go" plans with Virgin Mobile where they pay about $7 per month to use their cell phones. And they are all able to use them just a little, which is what I'd want to do with a cell phone (THIS, I will need to point out to Amy, "[Cell] Phone Queen.")

We placed our order on Friday evening and I have no idea when the phones will arrive, but I am excited to get them.

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elesa said...

The world needs to know that the Dianne that I knew before I left for Guatemala has almost completely disappeared.

First...the eating - she's extended far beyond the "eating like a kindergartner" that we had all grown to know and love.

Second...the showing of "cute" child pictures - and worse yet, the imposing of these "cute" pictures on the world at large.

Third - and possibly the worst manifestation of this change...the cellphone. Here is a quote from a recent email I received:

The phones are at our house!
The phones are at our house!
The phones are at our house!
The phones are at our house!

The tracking page says the package was left at the front door, no
signature needed. Woohoo!

Is there any doubt at this point that her body has been taken over by an alien life form?