Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Annual checkup

Kevin had his yearly "well visit" at the pediatrician's office today. This year his hearing test did not say, "Uncooperative" because the nurse didn't listen when he said the earphone hurt the way it was on like last year. This year Kevin could answer some of the nurse's questions himself. This year the doctor didn't hear any rumblings of a heart murmur. This year Kevin freaked out about getting a shot - physically fighting against me, which he's never done. This year he is at the 25th percentile for height instead of 50th percentile. He's still at the 75th percentile for weight. The doctor still tells me that is of no concern. He told the doctor he likes school. She asked what his favorite part is and he said, "recess." She said, "what else?" and he said "I don't like anything else."

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