Monday, January 21, 2008

The Possibilities

Today is a day off from school and work. In my infinite wisdom (and selfishness) I enrolled Kevin in a sort of "nature day camp" today so that Andy and I will have the day off from work BY OURSELVES. That's a novel concept. Granted, we still had to get up with the little critter and drive him to the site, but from now until 5:00pm, the day is ours.

Problem is... when I have that much time on my hands, I end up getting nothing done. I get overwhelmed by the prospects of how I could spend my day and spend it doing much of nothing. So I've got that going for me - and a migraine.

Ah, well, it'll still be nice to spend the day with only one shadow, anyhow.

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Bets said...

Ah, freizeitstress! I know it very well! Did you end up doing anything fun?

we went to the Visionary museum today (after a fair amount of freizeitstress); I am taking tomorrow off, and while Ian is at daycare and Eric is working, I am going to the movies.