Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The third time was not a charm

When I took the laundry downstairs today, I noticed a black piece of paper or plastic under the left side of the extra freezer. I was too lazy to do anything about it at that point so I waited until later in the morning (15 minutes before I was due to leave for a game of ultimate) to finally try to fish it out. I stepped on the edge of it with my shoe and dragged it out. Only, it didn't slide out. Rather, my shoe became both slick and sticky at the same time as I pulled it back and saw that the black thing was actually a dark red puddle - of blood.

I opened the freezer door and was not chilled by the cold air inside but was overwhelmed, instead, by the odor of rotting food. And lots of it.

This is the third time we've lost a "batch" of food. Once it was from Hurricane Isabel when our power was out for 5 days so we had to get rid of everything in the fridge and freezer. Then we had an older, extra freezer go belly up on us while we were out of town for a long weekend. Then today, I found our fairly new freezer with scads of food inside - much more than usual so, good timing - and an error code blinking on the thermostat control.

Each time this happens, I think to myself, "Self - maybe this means you're not supposed to horde so much food. Maybe you should just buy food one week at a time." Then the sale papers come and I see that salmon is $4.99/lb and ground beef is $2/lb or a friend offers us a full deer worth of meat if we just pay the butcher bill or Kevin's school has a fund raiser selling frozen foods and then I go crazy thinking what a great deal! I should definitely do this because hey! I have an extra freezer!

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Bets said...

Even I would be hoarding these days (and my grocery-shopping habits could best be described as 'eurpoean'.) I was shopping today at a reliably cheap supermarket and the prices freaked me out completely, they were so high.