Monday, March 31, 2008

Party Politics

Kevin's birthday is in 2 weeks so we've been planning his birthday party. It'll be at our house and the rain plans include games and activities inside, so I put a limit on the number of kids invited.

I told Kevin he could invite 5 friends from his class and asked who he'd like to invite. He immediately named 2 kids and then stumbled on the others because although he's friends with everyone in his class, he couldn't remember which ones like soccer. And having a soccer party means inviting people who would enjoy it, of course. (how nice of him)

At dinner tonight, I gave him his last chance to pick the school friends he wants to invite. Over the past week he's given me about 10 names by naming different kids each time I ask who he wants to invite. Today he came up with another new one, "EB."

"Why did you decide to invite EB? You've never mentioned her before."

"I know, but today she asked me if I'm inviting her to my party and when I said 'no,' she gave me a mad face."

Andy and I looked across the table at each other. "Well, I guess that's as good a reason as any to invite her!"

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