Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not much makes me happier than feeling independent with a brain full of chemicals induced by exercise

It appears that I went for a bike ride today. But that's not Kevin in the trailer.
It's groceries! And more of them than I thought I would be able to get home from the store.
I admit to limiting myself to 1 gallon of milk instead of my usual 2 and only 2 boxes of Coke instead of anywhere up to 6 that I would usually get when at the store with a car but I still think that I got quite a bit of stuff into the trailer and to our house by only my own muscle power.
And doesn't it figure that the way to the grocery store is all downhill while the ride home is all uphill.
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Bets said...

That's fab. I have a bike that I have never ridden, and I think some kind of kid/cargo accomodation would make it work.

Alli said...

WOW Pep!

Tour De Supermarket!

Check out this team @ wolfpackhustle.com
They hired Tyler Hamilton. Going to watch the tour eh? Have you been riding any mileage without groceries? Those kayaks need to come to Maine with you this summer, google vinalhaven!
Well back to painting Claire's room while it rains, I just can't stay inside now that the weather is soooo nice. You guys look great, checked out your blog.
Big Hugs!