Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's pink with flowers on it

Andy and I tried to give each other kayaks for Christmas. Unfortunately, not many stores have much of a selection of kayaks during the winter so we ended up waiting until there were more available to test at least by sitting in before making our decision of what to buy.

Today I got my kayak! The model I chose is women-specific, which is not what I planned, but it worked out for various reasons. I had my choice between turquoise blue, lime green and hot pink. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the hot pink so that's what I went with. Look at it!

When we got it home I wanted to practice taking it off the car rack all by myself. I had a moment of concern here, but it turned out well.
Kevin was very helpful as I tried to regain my balance.
Kevin knows how to max and relax.
Andy was going to get a tandem so he could take Kevin along but I think we can see here that it'll be just as easy (and cheaper) to strap Kevin to the bow of my boat.
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning "TEAM DANDY",
FANTASTIC !! Keep us posted as to each new adventure and discovery you make.Love the color!

Bets said...

That is without a doubt the more adorable kayak I've ever seen.