Monday, May 19, 2008

Before and After


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I know that the "After" picture is supposed to look nicer, but we're just not there yet. We removed 5 juniper bushes that have been growing like weeds since we moved in and which Andy keeps "trimming" into bowling balls despite me telling him that juniper bushes are supposed to be scraggly. When they're scraggly and this big, they're really in the way, though.

We plan to put butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly plants in this space but we first need to figure out how we want it edged.

Pulling out the bushes was so much fun. Andy tied a rope around the bottom of the stems/trunks and then we hooked the rope to the car and then I hit the gas. Out came the bushes! We really wish we could've videotaped that process but safety was of the utmost importance, so neither of us could hold the camera while it was going on.


elesa said...

Kevin wasn't available for videotaping?

TeamDandy said...

Kevin was busy getting a concussion in the back of the car while watching the first bush fly out of the ground. The car lurched forward, then I slammed on the brakes and we lurched to a stop, at which time he smacked his head on the window. It was a good time for a "life lesson" about inertia.

That and we don't let him hold our camera.