Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day Interview

For Father's Day, I always interview Kevin and write his answers down as a gift for Andy (and a source of embarrassment for Kevin in the future.) This year, Kevin's kindergarten teacher did a similar thing for the mom of each kid in the class.

Q: What is your mom's name?
A: Dianne [correct]

Q: How old is she?
A: She's not 40... maybe like 50? [correct answer: 35]

Q: How much does she weigh?
A: I think she's 300 pounds [correct answer: less than 200]

Q: What is her favorite food?
A: Pizza! [correct]

Q: What is her favorite color?
A: Dark blue [correct]

Q: What is her favorite thing to wear?
A: Every day she goes to work she has to wear pants. [correct in that I'm not allowed to wear shorts to work]

Q: What is her favorite thing to do?
A: Work with my dad [lots of correct answers; this is one of them]

Q: What is her favorite kind of music?
A: High School Musical [correct answer: pretty much anything EXCEPT music from a musical; I think Kevin joked this answer on purpose because he snickered when I read this one aloud.]

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Jon David said...

Maybe you just have seen the right musical. I am a big fan of WICKED if it ever returns to MD or DC I will see it again. Fun answers. You go!!!