Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you recognize this woman?

Below is a photo I took of my 8th grade yearbook. The woman in the picture was my home economics teacher in 6th and 8th grades. She was really fun, which you probably have to be to teach a bunch of middle schoolers how to cook, sew and wash their faces properly. When I was in 7th grade, in 1985, I had a different teacher for home ec but I remember this teacher being pregnant as she walked around the halls of school.

Her note says, "I'll never forget making those blue & white shorts. That was a riot. Take care & have a fun summer. Much happiness..."

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Can you read that signature?



Anonymous said...

Very cool. Did you know this a few months ago or was just looking now? I couldn't read the name but saw your clue int he lower left corner. She has 3 children, right? Which one was she prgnant with, one of the girls or Michael?

TeamDandy said...

Yup, 3 children. She was pregnant with Michael between the years I had her as a teacher.

I didn't know until last night when I was checking out people from high school on Facebook and they knew. I feel kinda dumb not having realized because I have mentioned her recently in our home (as I was sewing a pair of shorts for Kevin and it was another "riotous" affair!)