Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from Officer Kevin

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Bets said...

Good job. I find we are still in the anti-costume phase - Ian SAYS he wants to dress up (pirate, clown, ghost, dinosaur) but was completely whacked out by the costume I made him, and trick-or-treat-ed in his pjs.

TeamDandy said...

Kevin doesn't like dressing up, either. And he had traumatic experiences with dressed up people when he was younger (let me tell you some day of the fully-decked-out Storm Trooper at one kid's birthday party that sent Kevin into a mad frenzy, screaming as he ran out of the banquet hall) so it's only been the past couple of years he's even considered wearing a costume. And then it's only because I tell him everyone else is doing it and he won't get candy if he doesn't wear a costume (which is such a healthy parenting technique, don't you think?)