Monday, November 10, 2008

Kevin is still sleeping

Shhh... I know it's already 7:15 but Kevin is still sleeping! He hasn't slept this late in months.

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Turkey Trot at his school. It was actually on the track at the high school. The main event was a 30-minute period in which we walked, ran, skipped, whatever, around the track. Each lap was marked on a card and if you finished at least 4 laps in a 1/2 hour, you received a "charm" for your school charm necklace. I finished 5 laps wearing my boot.

Kevin ran more this year than last and completed 2 miles! I also forced the family (both guys grumbled) to walk to and from the event, so that was maybe another half mile of walking.

Then we had a couple of Kevin's friends over to play for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

After dinner, when it was still only 6:30, Kevin laid down in his sleeping bag on the dining room floor and listened to a book on CD. For an hour! Just laying there! With only a stuffed animal to keep him company!

After that rest, he went to bed. And he's still sleeping.

Kevin would never run or walk that much on his own or at just my behest - so can we have a Turkey Trot every few days? Or at least every weekend? This sleeping in thing is kinda nice.


elesa said...

Is there a picture somewhere of you in this boot? Have I already seen it? You did all this in a boot and THEY were the ones who complained?

TeamDandy said...

There's a picture of me in it in July.