Monday, June 22, 2009

He must get that from me

After dinner tonight, Kevin and I rode bikes around the neighborhood. He's gotten the hang of his new bike and we ride farther from the house now, so he needed something more to keep his interest. Not surprisingly, he came up with something imaginative. I was expecting a trip to the "grocery store" but got this instead.

"Hey, Friend... I'm riding my bike to raise money for homeless people. Do you want to do that, too?"

How do you say no to that? "Sure, Friend, I'll ride my bike to raise money, too."

We raised more money with each lap we rode and then handed the money off to the guy in charge. Then Kevin said, "There's some food leftover. Let's deliver it to the homeless people." So we rode around the neighborhood stopping to hand off pretend food to pretend homeless people in our neighbors' real front yards and driveways.

And then it was time to go inside to get ready for bed. Serving the needy is tiring work.

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