Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The beginning of the end?

Yesterday while playing in the yard with Kevin, I noticed some drip marks on the driveway where
the truck is usually parked. I wiped my finger through a fresh spot, rubbed my fingers together to feel
it and took a whiff. Seemed like oil but I really wasn't sure.

When Andy arrived home I pointed out the stains and he automatically did the same thing I did -
checked the spots with his finger and determined it was oil. He got under the truck and found the
drips coming from the back of the oil pan but not at the bottom where the plug is. He said there was no
way to know for sure what was leaking without taking things apart, which it wasn't the time to do.

Realizing the possible enormity of the issue, I stated, "Oh no, my truck might be bleeding to death!"
Andy responded, "I'll go get the shotgun."

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