Monday, March 13, 2006

Drama King

We have a Drama King in our house and while many of you who know us would think it's Andy, what with his flamboyant personality, it's not. It's Kevin. And he can turn it on at the drop of a hat and he uses his gift daily.

I often ask him if he wants to take a drama class just to witness his response of, "I don't liiike draaaammmmaaaaa!" This morning he finally asked me, "What's drama?"

I told him that it's when people act like another person or animal or something. It's like pretending to be something else. I said that in a drama class, the teacher might tell him to act like a cat and then he would walk on his hands and knees and say 'meow' and scratch. That would be drama.

I further stretched it based on the description of one of the drama classes I read about and said that maybe he and other kids would act out a favorite story, such as "Robert the Rose Horse." Maybe he'd be Robert and sneeze a lot while other kids would pretend to be the doctor and Robert's parents. It's not like he doesn't do this stuff anyway, but he never knew it was called drama, nor does he do it when someone asks, it's only when he feels like it.

So then Kevin said, "The teacher could say, 'Let's act out the refrigerator story' and then I'd pretend to be the cold and the other kids could pretend to be the food."

Does that tell me something about his personality or is that just the 3/4-yr old in him talking??

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