Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The only dogs barking in my house are my feet - and they're loud

God designed me as a beautiful creation but he got my feet a bit mixed up. They have a lot of problems from extra bones (which don't seem to cause problems but make for interesting facial expressions by doctors the first time they see an x-ray of my feet) to weak arches to nerves running right where the most pain is felt to shorter than average tendons which don't like to stretch and are therefore inflamed most of the time.

My point isn't to get you to feel pity for me (although if you do, feel free to send a note of sympathy.) My point is to say that I wear orthotics to treat some of my problems and they cost hundreds of dollars and health insurance doesn't cover them because they are not orthotic shoes and I can transfer them from shoe to shoe (excuse me for needing them in athletic shoes, cleats AND hiking shoes - darn my active interests.) Moreover, Flexible Spending Accounts don't cover them either. Keep in mind that Tylenol and Band-Aids are now eligible for FSA coverage so that we can buy them with pre-tax money, but orthotics, which cost hundreds of dollars plus copayments for doctor visits for casting and such....

*BEEP* I interrupt this rant to bring you (and myself, more importantly) the news that orthotics appear now to BE ELIGIBLE for payment through a Flexible Spending Account. Wahoo!

*BEEP (again)* This issue is not as clear as it should be. I can't find on the IRS website any specific mention of orthotics although some employee benefit administration providers say that they are eligible.

So, um, nevermind - maybe.


elesa said...

Can't you just send the receipt in to FSA and see what happens?

Dianne said...

In the past, they have been specifically stated as not covered expenses on the lists that I've been given of eligible items. I'll ask this time at the Dr's office if it's changed and they'll probably know, or I can send it in and see since it appears ambiguous now.

HeadCheese said...

I'm fortunate that I have friends that make orthotics and they "gifted" me my set.

They still hurt.