Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We now own 2 new fire extinguishers

After all the hype, this isn't all that exciting but it is still funny (since nobody was hurt.)

We really love our new woodstove insert in our fireplace. We're still learning how well it works.

Thursday night we had a fire and on Friday after work, Andy shoveled out some of the ashes into a bucket. He put some kitchen trash on top of the ashes and left the bucket for about an hour and then dumped the contents into the compost bin. He and Kevin walked up the backyard into the shed and then as Kevin was milling around he noticed a problem and yelled, "Papa! There's fire in the compost!" Andy walked out to see 3-ft high flames above the bin. He ran inside for a fire extinguisher and put out the fire. He walked away but turned around one last time to see flames coming out the vent holes on the side of the bin so he used the extinguisher again. Then he doused the whole thing with the garden hose. The hard plastic bin was melted and is deformed with holes in it.

That was all on Friday. On Saturday, Andy and Kevin went to the local firehouse's Open House where Kevin learned all about fire safety and fortunately didn't tell the firefighters about the fire the previous day.


elesa said...

So what was the deal? I didn't realize that ashes would still burn after that long.

Dianne said...

Neither did we, especially after kitchen compost scraps were on top of the ashes. But the only explanation is that there were still hot embers in there even though it didn't seem like it.
Andy built a fire in the stove on Saturday night and then on Sunday afternoon he put paper and sticks in to prepare for a fire that evening and they caught on fire.
This is nothing like our old woodstove and definitely not like an open fireplace.