Monday, October 23, 2006

Chat Transcript

me: Did you see the picture I posted on my blog? Warning: severe cuteness
Elesa: ...
oh brother!
you have sunk too low in this mommy thing
this is not the real dianne!
come back, dianne, come back!
me: I know - I couldn't believe how INSANELY CUTE he was when he put that costume on. I took a bunch of pictures of him at the zoo yesterday even though I have a million of him there already. I didn't take any of the animals, just him wearing his costume.
and I'm showing off his costume picture to people I work with!!!!
Save me, Elesa
Elesa: I think it's time for an intervention!
me: Tell Jeff you need to fly over here to help me
Elesa: That's true! I fear you're too far gone, though. I wish I could introduce you to old dianne. She would help me make fun of you.

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