Wednesday, May 02, 2007


For his birthday, Kevin received a hooded bear-design towel that Alyssa picked out. He asked to use it after his bath last night and then we had the following snippet of conversation:

Kevin: Why did Alyssa pick out this towel for me?
Dianne: Because she loves teddy bears and wanted you to have one like hers.
Kevin: Why does she love teddy bears?
Dianne: I don't know.
Kevin: I don't want her to like teddy bears. I don't like teddy bears.
Except for cute baby teddy bears. And Mama teddies and Papa teddies.
I don't like sister teddies.
Dianne: Ok.
Kevin: I'm not going to like teddy bears. I like....hmm.... (pause) What
is Alyssa scared of?

Perhaps we've moved on from the cutesy-type love to the more mature "I'll show her I like her by putting worms down her shirt" type.

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