Friday, May 25, 2007

Roundabout tagging

I've never been tagged for a meme. You know, one of those things where a blogger posts an answer to a question (often in list form) and then tags (as in, "You're it") some people to answer the same question on their own blogs.

You could say that because I read Betsy's blogs and she tagged "anyone else who tells me that they read this blog - you know who you are," I have now been tagged. Or, at least, I was back in January, when she wrote that and her answers to the meme.

It has taken me awhile and you all have been very patient (I'm sure you can't wait to read more self-indulgent posts) but here we go.

Five important details about myself that many of you may not know…or remember.

1) If money wasn't so available in my line of work, I'd rather be an administrative assistant. And I think I'd rock at that job.

2) I'd also rather be a librarian.

3) I would like to try being an environmental scientist, too. Half in the office (planning studies, writing reports, analyzing data) and half in the field (wading through streams, counting birds, searching for rare plant species.)

4) I LOVE to play sports.

5) I don't think any of the above answers are important to anyone but I find it intriguing that of all the things I could think of about myself, the first ones to come to mind are about having a job. Specifically, jobs that I don't have now and probably never will (which is ok by me.)

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I'd like to be a librarian too! And I think I'd like librarian school.

You'll recall (no, you won't, but I do) that it took me months to get around to writing my '5 things' when Flip tagged me.